Jesus broke social norms and connected with outsiders. So should we...

Local and Global Ministry Philosophy

Emmanuel ministries are emerging but are primarily involved in rebuilding and transformation efforts; both people lives and neighborhoods. We want to work long- term in communities, empowering them to reach their full potential. Emmanuel has a rich history in the community using an integrated approach that includes education, mentoring and spiritual development. Our next priority is to develop a health and wellness component. By investing in our community, we strive to see permanent and total transformation. If this is an area that you think you can help develop, please email HERE.

Local Missions

Our goal is to build bridges that connect faith with action in acts of service to the community. Our current focus is on assisting Storehouse West, a community supported agency, by providing food to families, seniors and individuals experiencing short-term and long-term needs.  In the past, we have also purchased, collected and distributed food, and new and gently used clothing items for families during the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Global Missions

Global: This is an area of growth and opportunity for Emmanuel.  We are excited and looking forward to developing our global missions agenda.  If this is an area that you think you can help develop, please email HERE.

Ministry Through Being Present

While we depend on and greatly appreciate financial gifts, we believe that the gift of presence is uniquely transformational. Through time together, volunteers and communities build mutually enriching relationships, impacting both locally and globally.

Ministry Through Interdependence

Our ministry model is based on a healthy partnership between communities and Emmanuel volunteers. Instead of fostering dependency, we desire to empower the people we serve by focusing on their strengths and abilities. Because we prioritize protecting the dignity of our neighbors, we work with rather than for them. Residents take ownership of their own communities through their work in conjunction with Emmanuel.

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